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How to Spend A Perfect Day in Door County

Let’s face it. Everyone defines a perfect day differently, but what I love about the Country House Resort in Sister Bay is that it is in the perfect setting and location for you to make each day YOUR perfect day.

Now, folks, it is a fact widely known among travelers of the Midwestern part of this fair country that Door County is one of the most romantic getaways in Wisconsin. However, it is far more than that. Rich with beautiful scenery and friendly people, Door County, Wisconsin is sure to never bore. Whether you’re an outdoorsy, adventuring type or a tranquil homebody, there is something for you.

As soon as you venture outside the grounds of Country House Resort, you will find no end to the possibilities that await you. However, what about those lazy days when you’d rather just “play it by ear”, “chill out” as those darn kids say, or just don’t feel like driving anywhere? After all, who says vacation needs to be all action all the time?

At Country House Resort, we are dedicated not only to your entertainment, but also to your God-given right to relax. So, for those lazy Sunday kind of days, we’ve put together the perfect itinerary for you to spend a perfect day without (barely) even leaving the resort.


Rise with the sun (or long after it has come up if that is your wish) and make your way down to our main lobby for a European-style buffet breakfast. Here you’ll find a delectable assortment of pastries, breads, meat, cheese, juices and even make-your-own waffles, yogurt and Door County cherries. Coffee and tea is served as well for all those who like to start off the morning with a little jump start. (thank you, Lord, for caffeine!)

Then, once you’ve had your fill, yoga mats are available at the front desk; Grab one and take a stroll down to the dock for a morning stretch or request a private workout session with our on-site personal trainer. Thank your body for all it does for you and celebrate life as you listen to the waves crashing over the rocks, the wind rustling through the trees and the gentle hum of distant boats.

Breathe. Smile. You’ve found paradise.


Kayak toward perfect sunset

Kayak in the waters of Green Bay


As the sun reaches peak brightness, don your swimsuit and head down to our quiet, circular pool, just off the main lobby. Relax, refresh and cool off for a bit. A good swim is a must this time of year!

Afterwards, grab a kayak or tandem bike (free of cost and available with the front desk) and ride or row into town. Or, if the nature trails (for which we are known) are more your beat, take a hike through the shaded woods to Sister Bay’s quaint main street. The lunch options in town are plentiful. For a light and fresh afternoon meal, head over to Door County Creamery. Or if you’re in the mood for something hearty and rich, try out Bierzot, the Wild Tomato, or Husby’s to name just a few.

Perfect day to bicycle in Door County

Bicycle into town! Great way to slow down and enjoy all that Sister Bay has to offer.


Later, get your game on at our tennis court, or with any one of our lawn games (also available with the front desk). Our collection includes favorites like horse shoes, shuffle board, Bocci ball and Yardzee!

Of course, if basking in the hot sun has made you tired, why not curl up in bed with a movie? We have quite the collection of complimentary DVDs, located in the lobby. Popcorn and soda is also available for a small cost.


Sister Bay locals love this town for its wonderful array of small businesses. Ask any one of our staff members for their favorites and you’re sure to find that your dinner future is bright! For a classy night out, Chop or Waterfront might be your style. For casual, comfort dining, Grasse’s Grill never disappoints. If you’re the bar going type, many of our local spots host live music nights throughout the summer. We even have karaoke nights at the Northern Grill just down the street. Get down and taste one of our local craft beers. You know what they say… When in Wisconsin, drink and be merry!

Later on, wind down as you sit around our outdoor fire table or head down to the dock to watch the sun set.

Fire table fun

Relax by the fire table with your friends or make some new ones!

As the stars come out and the crickets start to play their symphony with the wind, close your eyes and dream of your next perfect Door County adventure!


Amelia Wood, Contributor

Amelia Wood is a current student at New York University in New York City. She writes for New York based website, Manhattan Sideways, and has received publication for her poetry in NYU’s literary magazine, West 10th, as well as the North Carolina based Chautauqua Journal. While she loves the excitement of the big city, she comes to Door County once in a while to visit family, get some peace and quiet, and bask in that small town vibe that attracts so many to beautiful Sister Bay. 

You can find Amelia Wood on Instagram (@ameliajowood)


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